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Strengthening interface science-policy practice

8 Dec
Session time: 14:00
Groundwater catalogue
Groundwater catalogue

The use of scientific research and innovation to inform water policy development and the practical implementation of management solutions is essential. However, due to the diversity and complexity of environmental and societal problems, it is often challenging to identify the role of groundwater and adequately incorporate it into the management process. Moreover, policy makers, water managers and practitioners do not always have a sufficient overview of the tools, measures and instruments available to them that could be applied to manage and solve interconnected groundwater issues. Limited availability of data, the invisible nature of groundwater and its complex physical dynamics add additional barriers to its inclusion within water policy and management implementation. 

In this context, this session will be dedicated to enhancing the interface of science-policy-practice by showcasing the perspectives, innovations and ideas of scientists, policymakers, and practitioners to deal with these complex and unique challenges.  

Available tools to support practitioners in the selection of groundwater and IWRM solutions will be presented alongside case studies of successful implementation. Experts from academia, policy and practice will discuss the opportunities and barriers to science informed policy and practice. Recommendations and priority actions will be formulated to be included in the overall outcomes of the Groundwater Summit.