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7 Dec
Session time: 15:00
Finish: 16:00

A key element of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 Global Acceleration Framework comes under the heading of Innovation, that is, new, intelligent approaches and technologies to improve water and sanitation resource management and delivery. The use of scientific research and innovation to constantly enhance implementation of management solutions is essential. Innovations can be both technical and non-technical and are often based on scientific research but certainly beyond a research phase. Successful innovation is something that is translated into operational management and fosters groundwater governance.  Smart, novel practices can include technological advancements, novel educational outreach, original and thoughtful policy and conceptual approaches to water and sanitation, and unique, effective communication of the importance of groundwater’s protection and wise use. Given the more private nature of groundwater resources (often used at household level, although aquifer often have a regional to international dimension), innovation can imply different actions and priorities depending on the local context. 

During this session, an overview of the current state of innovation related to groundwater will be presented, followed by a panel discussion where some specific innovations will be presented by international experts.