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Capacity development

7 Dec
Session time: 14:00
Finish: 15:00

Capacity development is one of the five accelerators of the SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework. Monitoring of the SDG 6 indicators has revealed insufficient knowledge of groundwater systems.    Lack of groundwater-related capacity undermines development targets, while the absence of capacity to assess, manage and govern the   resource is an obstacle to economic and social sustainable development.   There is a   clear need therefore, to better communicate and increase public understanding of groundwater resources. Increasing the spread of groundwater education and communication on this issue is critical, as is the need to invest more in capacity development on groundwater resources.    

This session will consider national and regional experiences of the sustainable management of groundwater and capacity development and panellists will share their experience and ideas on how to overcome knowledge and capacity challenges. The session will include a short introduction to the topic, followed by a brief presentation of the UN-Water Capacity Development Initiative and a panel discussion. Invited panellists – high-level representatives from several countries, as well as those from academia and the UN system – will share their views and experiences, their national programmes and the results of studies and research, as well as possible suggestions and recommendations for the future.