Dreaming Freedom Chapter 142 Release Date Confirmed

The next installment of Dreaming Freedom finally has a release date! We were officially famished before, but now we know. The webtoon Dreaming Freedom’s Chapter 142 will be available on this date.

Dreaming Freedom Chapter 142 Release Date Confirmed

The release date for Chapter 142 of “Dreaming Freedom” is set for June 3, 2024. Fans of the series can look forward to continuing the story and following the latest developments in the plot. For more updates and detailed information, you can check manga-specific sites like Aqua Manga and webtoon platforms.

What Is Dreaming Freedom About?

The protagonist of Dreaming Freedom is a high school loner named Jeongmin who is the target of Juhyheon’s unrelenting bullying. Someone who was her closest companion when they were kiddies. As everything around Jeongmin crumbles, she seeks solace in her lucid dreams, where she encounters a mystery guy with white hair who offers to assist her in exacting her retribution. A guy who, to be honest, is a hodgepodge of warning signs. His violent possessiveness about Jeongmin has been on full display, and he has even attacked others on occasion.

However, he is a reader favorite. Therefore, we have been anxiously awaiting the publication of Chapter 142.

To be honest, we’re being incredibly spoiled. The publication of Chapter 142 follows closely on the heels of Chapters 141–141. But that isn’t the case on the official site, Webtoons.com; there are just five chapters available at the moment. Since these chapters are also available on Daily Pass, free readers might have to wait a while to see Chapter 142. Unless, of course, you’re ready to part with some premium cash.

Dreaming Freedom is also available in Korean on Naver, where users may choose to read a chapter every day for free or pay for premium currency. 2L, the creator, recently revealed that Dreaming Freedom is being developed as an audio webtoon; if you want to directly support the creator, this is the place to go. We can guarantee that our toxic yandere will be voiced by an exceptional performer. A person’s tattoos, including sketches and closeups, have also been released online.


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